Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Awake in the morning like a normal person

Almost normal. Awake at 4 am made breakfast of bacon, and potatoes for my brother-in-law and kids. Get the girls up for school. Take the trash outside to the curb. Wait at the door for my nieces to get on the school bus. Little man goes to school later so I let him sleep in. I make and pack his lunch, see he has his backpack and homework than drive him to school. He is giving me driving directions from his car seat (something about a car seat in MY truck does'nt seem right, my child is 22 years old.) Back at the house I try to do some housework. Have 92.9 on the radio and a Coca-Cola in my hand, it's almost like liquid speed. I am scrubbing shelves in the refrigerator. Pick up the boy in 3 hours, already called two plumbing companies, I am getting ready for a June comeback. After spending the day in the hospital I usually am confined to bed for the next few days, not today maybe thats a sign that this nightmare called cancer is almost over.

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  1. That is great news Roger! I haven't blogged it yet but Tami is also prepping for a comeback to work soon. Just a little while longer... I will be so happy when both of you are back to work!

    Roger if you get a job at a company will they supply your tools or will you need to supply your own?