Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I am online starting my job search, hoping to stay near Houston. I can't help thinking how things were the last time I worked. The money was very good (I had actually peaked for my profession), I was seeing the manager of the watering hole near my motel. She was a knock-out, an East Texas beauty queen. I spoiled her. Home made dinner of steak, fresh lobster and homemade chocolate covered strawberries. She like sports and I dressed her in the latest jerseys, put diamonds in her ear and around her neck. I could not say the word no to this girl.

I was in the emergency room and my family was there, she was on her way to see me. She came and we talked. I went on to spend a few days each week in the hospital. We sent each other text messages. She called me twice. Never visited me in the hospital again. I lost my health, my job ($$$), and the girl in the span of a few days. I can not help but wonder if one was tied to the other. Yeah right! She is back in Midland and I am back on my feet. I made it through my ordeal with family, friends and prayers. I prayed as well, sometimes for her.

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