Sunday, May 9, 2010

Saturday Night and I ain't got nobody,,,,

This is Saturday, actually it is two hours and 42 minutes into Mothers Day. I did good by waking up at 10 am I made it through the day til 8pm when I hoped to go to bed and wake up even earlier on Sunday. I was asleep at nine pm. but found myself up at midnite unable to sleep. Thats with taking a sleeping pill and some sedatives. Cable at 3 am is full of crime - drama, cold cases, jails. I hope it will make me sleepy enough to get back in bed.

I have been looking at the classifieds for positions in my field. They are there, I hope to stay near Houston. The last few years have helped build a bond between my family and I. My daughter is a young lady with a life of her own. I keep a cell phone that is mainly used to keep in contact with her. Just a brief hello or a texted "good morning" is enough to make my day. I have been fortunate enough to live at my cousins home. Three years ago was the birth of their daughter and seeing her grow up brings back memories, how fast time goes by. I wish I knew now back than, I could have been a better parent, father. Learn from mistakes, and that I did, I just wish it did not take four decades to attain the knowledge I want to share with her now. As time goes by I find myself sounding more and more like my parents. The worry alone keeps me awake. My folks raised three children, I know I gave them heartache and worry. Never purposely but now that I am a father the weekends scare me, will she be careful, will others be careful. It is tough being a parent. Thanks to my mother can never be enough, she gave life, raised and cared for me. I hope some of my mothers skills rub off on me. If you are reading this, Happy Mothers day, Mom.

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  1. To the Mothers that have prayed for me and shared kind words, I hope your day is filled with happinness. Happy Mothers Day!