Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Having received more than 200 units of type-O blood, Roger understands why it's important for individuals to Commit for Life. He has been on the road to good health since receiving a bone marrow transplant from his sister, Mitzi, and has organized blood drives to help other patients like him. "Seeing another person donate for someone like me is a wonderful thing," he says.

That is from the November section of the 2010 Calendar/

Good morning all. hope the weather finds you ok and you are not in the path of Hurricane Alex. I was able to obtain some of the 2010 calendars that my sister and I appeared in. I am trying to raise some funds for our next blood drive. I hope to have food and goodies bags to give to the donors. If you can help in anyway it will be appreciated. You can also make a donation for the calendar and it will be mailed to you or held til the day of the event. We are trying to start a cancer/health library on our group page on face book!/group.php?gid=126178420738609

ps. there is no minimum, anything helps but....if you got it, give til it hurts...j/k just trying to do some goood for so many that need it. The Blood drive is a major event and I want to make it a place where donors will make a point of being their. D.J. and cupcakes are planned

The calendars are full color and featured on the web site. 2010

I have an appointment on Thursday to see where my immune system stands. Much has happened in the last few weeks with this thing called cancer. It has effected someone I love and admire. She is handling it like a champ. Taking on both chemo and radiation. Best wishes go out to her.

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