Friday, June 25, 2010

An honor bestowed...

I received the following email today from the Gulf Coast Regional Blood Bank that I found both inspirational and motivational. I decided to share it.

Hi Roger,

As I believe our Volunteer Coordinator, has mentioned to you, we would like to invite you to become part of our Speakers’ Bureau.

Members of our Speakers’ Bureau work to raise awareness about the importance of blood donations by not only volunteering their time but also sharing their personal testimony with others. Our donor groups who host regular blood drives rely on the assistance of our Speakers’ Bureau volunteers to encourage their employees, patrons or members to donate during their regularly scheduled blood drive. While staff members can fill these requests, our message can only go so far. However, when individuals like you (someone who knows firsthand just how important it is to Commit for Life) share their story, potential donors can see just who their donation could be helping.

We believe you would be a great asset to the bureau and could help save even more lives. If you’re interested, please let us know and send us times of the day/week when you would be available to help in this capacity. Also, if you have a preference as to a specific part of town you would like to volunteer at, please let us know that as well.

Thank you, Roger.

We hope to hear from you soon!
Community Involvement Coordinator


I have seen and been through alot over the last two years. Although I have been the patient I seldom saw myself as a victim. I like to play poker and feel these are the cards I were dealt. It has not been a pretty hand and has often left me fatigued, nauseated and confused. In two months I have no idea where my life will be. It has been held in limbo as I continue to take doctor prescribed medications to fortify my immune system. Returning to normalcy will prove harder than expected, prolonged exposure to the sun effects me negatively. I do not know if this is a symptom of the drugs that will fade away once I discontinue them or if it will be a constant.

Lethargy and fatigue make my mind weary and when I see commercials for depression it seems to be describing me. I have never been emotional, other than joyous on a good poker hand or a Texans win. So to think I might be depressed is hard to fathom, but the warning signs are there. This may be a battle as tough as chemotherapy. I do not need nor want mind altering prescriptions, I simply want my life back. To walk with pride and not feel pity. To earn my own way and not rely upon generosity of others. To cook dinner in my kitchen, albeit a motel kitchenette for my daughter. When these simplicities of life return perhaps than I will be able to again walk with my head held high and walk with the dignity that cancer has stripped of me.

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  1. Aw Roger,

    This is a really neat opportunity for you to educate people about the importance of blood donation. I'm glad they recognized all of the hard work you've dedicated to the blood program.

    As for the depression, yes, it is hard to overcome but it can absolutely be done. And you're doing exactly the right thing imo. Helping others is one of the best ways to combat it.

    And you should be very proud of yourself for fighting so hard and surviving all that you have. Walk with your head held high tomorrow Roger, money and a job do not equal dignity or define who you are. They do not give you true dignity. Dignity is who you are in you heart and mind. It is the part of you that has a conscience and self respect. It is the part of you that is honorable. Dignity is not what you do for a living or what you own.