Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Chemotherapy - was done but I return for a different reason

When I underwent chemotherapy I was admitted into a special room that was a reverse isolation room on a special floor. Any contact with me was made with the person wearing gloves, masks, and gowns, sometimes booties. The procedures usually took five days and I was constantly monitored. Nausea's was common but stomach and chest pains were worse. Intravenous medications were administered to ease the pain. The first time was almost two years ago.

I had a more extreme round of chemo prior to my stem cell transplant. This caused more pain and weakened me to the point of being bed ridden. It also took a full head of my hair. The recovery from the full effects trickle down to today. I still struggle with sleep and am lethargic through the day.

Cancer knows no boundaries and it definitely does not discriminate amongst income classes. It is a silent terror that can attack anyone, anytime. I am in the final stages of my treatment and trying to do more volunteer work and help educate those that are new to this world. Today I will be going to the hospital, but not for my own medical treatment. A member of my family has been diagnosed with cancer and is undergoing radiation and chemotherapy. Today is the day for chemo, I will be going with her. She is a strong determined woman and may not need me there, but if she needs another blanket or a glass of water I will be there for her. Sometime just knowing you have someone at your side is enough to put you at ease in an already difficult situation. I just hope I can help.

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  1. Thank you for going with me....let me know what time slot I can ask for a massage :). Love you.