Thursday, July 29, 2010

Run like a girl

Inspiration can come in many forms and from many different sources. As I continue taking my medication to strengthen and develop my immune system they drag me down, making me lethargic, tired, and sleepy. Yesterday I read a post from D'Ann about her jogging before work. A cousin I have grown up with is in her own fight against cancer and just completed five rounds of chemotherapy. She took the diagnosis for what it was and decided to take it head on and fight. She had daily radiation treatments, something I never had to endure. She continues to drive to work, care for her daughter and prepared dinner last night.

Both are women but how they conduct their lives makes me want to do something. Like Forrest Gump, I was just running and running. I am determined to sleep no more than 8 hours and start daily calisthenics. Although I am under doctors orders with my treatment, I could easily use that as a crutch. I do not want crutches. It will be two months til I can work again and make an income. I have to choose whether I need a cell phone or do I need 12 more prescriptions. Obvious choice, I will resort to using smoke signals from the Weber grill out back.

I am heading to my sisters to watch my nieces and nephew while she works. She has been the shoulder that has felt my tears. I feel like I reached a point in my recovery where things will go positive. As long as I can find inspiration I am invincible. I like girls.

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